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ACTN3 Sports Gene Test Kit

ACTN3 Sports Gene Test Kit


50 tests/kit


  • Ideal for high school and college students to gain an introduction to DNA diagnostics
  • Learn about PCR via an exciting hands-on, real-time PCR experiment targeting the ACTN3 gene
  • ACTN3 gene is found to be associated with elite performance among the athletes


Chai’s Sports Gene educational kit is designed to provide high school and college students with an introductory exposure to the real-time PCR process for DNA detection. Students will gain hands-on experience to molecular diagnostic procedures commonly used in the real world by life scientists and industrial microbiologists for various applications (molecular diagnostics, genetics, water quality, food testing, forensics and more). Specifically, students will run a real-time PCR experiment to detect for the presence of ACTN3 variant (ACTN3 R577X SNP -single nucleotide polymorphism), which is found to be associated with power athletic performance, especially among male and female track and field athletes. The kit is optimized for the Open qPCR instrument.


The kit allows a hands-on step-by-step approach to learning. Students conduct sophisticated DNA target detection procedures, similar to ones performed in the real-world, that employ the real-time PCR process.

Students can:

  • Extract and amplify DNA sample collected from buccal swabs
  • Perform realistic diagnostic procedures
  • Use real-time PCR and melt curve analysis

Students determine the presence or absence of the sports gene from their buccal swab samples and answer the following questions:

  • Did we successfully extract DNA?
  • Did our PCR work as expected?
  • What is my ACTN3 genotype?

For classroom use and the recommended curriculum, please email to connect with an Application Specialist.

The kit includes all needed reagents and consumables for 50 reactions. The user will need to provide adjustable micropipettes (200 uL and 20 uL volumes) with the respective filter tips.


Extraction Buffer A25 mL
Enzyme BLyophilized
Reconstitution Buffer “C”0.05 mL
ACTN WT (control)Lyophilized
ACTN Mutant (control)Lyophilized
ACTN PrimersLyophilized
PCR Master Mix + Hot Start DRYLyophilized
Reconstitution Buffer0.7 mL
Chai Green 20X Dye1 mL
Water5 mL
1.5 mL tubes60
8-strip PCR Strip Tubes15
8-strip PCR Strip Caps15
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