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Bacteroides HF183 qPCR Test Kit

Bacteroides HF183 qPCR Test Kit


48 tests/kit


  • Perform risk-based analysis with human sewage-specific Bacteroides HF183
  • Comprehensive test kit to detect and quantify HF183
  • Easy workflow can be introduced into any lab or on-site operation
  • Compatible with Open qPCR Real-Time PCR instrument


Commonly used fecal indicator organisms do not indicate the true level of human contamination, which is more relevant when making risk-based decisions for public health. Bacteroides HF183 is a better indicator organism for human-specific contamination. Chai's Bacteroides HF183 qPCR Test Kit provides all the consumables needed to filter a 100 mL water sample and detect and quantify HF183 by qPCR.

The kit is compatible with Chai's Open qPCR or other Real-Time instruments supporting 100 μL tubes. The kit provides materials for 48 tests which can be used for samples or blanks.


qPCR Time75 minutes
Compatible SamplesFresh water, Seawater, Treated Wastewater, Drinking water
Max Turbidity10 NTU
ControlsPositive, negative, internal inhibition
Supported InstrumentsOpen qPCR, other qPCR instruments with 0.1 mL block
Fluorescence ChannelsFAM, HEX
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
Storage Temperature2 – 8 °C
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