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One-Step DNA/RNA Extraction Buffer

One-Step DNA/RNA Extraction Buffer 1X



  • Simple extraction of PCR-ready DNA and RNA without centrifugation
  • Lyses cells in minutes at ambient temperature, without mechanical agitation
  • Binds and inactivates inhibitors commonly found in environmental samples
  • Stabilizes RNA for 24 hours at 25 ºC in most samples


Simple Extraction

Lyse and extract DNA/RNA from:

  • Bacteria + protozoa
  • Animal cells
  • Viruses
There's no need for any heating, centrifugation, or mechanical agitation steps for most samples. Simply expose cells to lysis buffer for 2 to 5 minutes at ambient temperature. Extraction efficiency for difficult-to-lyse cells can be improved by vortexing or homogenization.

Buffer is safe to use; all reagents are non-toxic.

Stabilizes DNA and RNA

DNA is a fairly robust molecule, but RNA traditionally requires storage at -20 or -80 ºC. Chai's One-Step DNA/RNA Extraction Buffer stabilizes RNA, allowing for handling at 25 ºC for 24 hours in most samples. RNA can be stored for days at -20 ºC, or at -80 ºC for long-term storage.


Buffer binds and inactivates many PCR inhibitors found in environmental samples and crude extracts. The resulting DNA and RNA is suitable for PCR or RT-PCR without further purification.


Lysis Temperature20 – 25 ºC
Storage TemperatureAmbient
Sample TypesBacteria, animal cells, viral
DNA Stability Post-ExtractionWeeks at 25 ºC, indefinite at -20 ºC
RNA Stability Post-Extraction24 hours at 25 ºC, days at -20 ºC


Chai's One-Step DNA/RNA Extraction Buffer 1X may be used license-free for commercial or diagnostic applications, and is available in bulk quantities for OEM use.