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PIKA FastOrange Brett Agar is a culture medium developed to detect Brettanomyces contamination in beer and wine. It may be used both in brewing & winemaking processes, and for the quality control of packaged products. The media selectively grows Brettanomyces while suppressing the growth of bacteria and S. cerevisiae. A visible color change from violet to yellow occurs upon growth of Brett, allowing the spoiler to be positively identified.

Fast Orange Brett Agar is provided sterile in ready-to-use bottles. Simply heat the agar in a water bath or microwave, and pour your plates. No autoclaving is necessary.

Detected Microorganisms



Compatible SamplesBeer, wine, filter membranes
Growing ConditionsAerobic, anaerobic
Certified for PCRYes
Incubation Temperature25 °C
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
Storage Conditions5 – 25 °C, protect from light
ManufacturerPIKA Weihenstephan
Manufacturer Part #2037-2


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