Test for Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, S. diastaticus, Brettanomyces, Megasphaera, Pectinatus, and more

Detect Beer Spoilers in Two Hours

Quality control is critical in delivering consistent, on-brand taste and preventing damaging recalls. Traditional microbial testing is too slow for modern brewing, while early PCR methods were costly and inaccurate.

With the Chai + PIKA solution, you can get microbiological beer quality test results in two hours with a sensitivity of 10 CFU/mL, or achieve a sensitivity 1 cell/sample by pre-enriching with FastOrange for 48 hours.

Clear, Objective Results

Real-Time PCR eliminates costly gels & cartridges, as well as the need for human interpretation.

Beer Quality PCR Test Results

The Open qPCR instrument automatically runs & analyzes PIKA 4e test kits, displaying clear results on-screen. Advanced users may dig into the raw data behind the beer PCR analysis.


PIKA 4e kits specifically test for each scientifically proven spoiler with individual Real-Time PCR probes. This precision approach can detect lactic acid bacteria while avoiding the false positives and negatives common with hop resistance gene based tests. It also allows a single Diastaticus cell to be detected amongst 400,000 brewer's yeast cells.


Determine the true spoilage risk and track down the source.

With Real-Time PCR beer spoilage organisms can be quantified, and even identified with the PIKA’s 4e species identification kits.





L. acetotolerans Negative
L. backii Negative
L. brevis Negative
L. casei Positive 20.3 High
L. collinoides Negative
L. coryniformis Positive 37.4 Low

A Complete Solution for Microbiological Beer Quality Control

A complete PCR beer test solution


Open qPCR A Real-Time PCR instrument ideal for on-site production environments. Dual channel version required for PIKA kits.

Bacterial Spoiler Kits

Lactobacillus & Pediococcus Real Beer Spoiler Test Kit Test beer for lactic acid producing bacterial spoilers
Lactobacillus & Pediococcus Real Beer Spoiler ID Kit Identify the lactic acid bacterial spoiler species
L. acetotolerans Test Kit A slow-growing spoiler of aged beer

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Yeast Spoiler Kits

Brettanomyces Test Kit A wild yeast which causes secondary fermentations in beer
Diastaticus Test Kit A diastatic variant of brewer’s yeast, which causes secondary fermentations in beer

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FastOrange Growth Media Enrich samples prior to PCR for increased sensitivity

Easy Workflow

PIKA Weihenstephan PCR beer spoilage test workflow
  • 20 minutes hands-on time.
  • Samples may be directly tested for 2 hour results.
  • Pre-enrichment with PCR-grade FastOrange increases sensitivity & degrades dead cells.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity 10 CFU/mL with direct PCR
1 cell/sample with FastOrange enrichment
PCR Time 75 minutes
Compatible Samples Beer, yeast slurry, colonies, environmental
Controls Positive, negative, and internal (inhibition)
Test Kit Shipping Temperature Ambient
Test Kit Storage Temperature 2 – 8 °C
Instrument Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Device Support Windows, Mac, Linux