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A complete PCR beer test solution
qPCR Machine

Research-Grade Instrument

Open qPCR brings the Real-Time PCR technology used by leading universities and research labs around the world into any brewery. Automatic analysis and probe-based detection eliminate the costly gels, cartridges, and false positives of earlier endpoint PCR methods.

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Actionable Results in Two Hours

Save money by detecting contamination earlier, before the problem spreads.
Rapid results allow you to test before you package, dry hop, or pitch.

TestKit Yellow

Simple, Accurate Tests

PIKA has distilled 20 years of microbiological quality control experience into simple, effective test kits for breweries. They precisely target only the Real Beer Spoilers, ignoring species that can’t harm beer. Run tests with only 20 minutes hands-on time; no prior lab experience or dedicated staff required.

Zero-Tolerance Detection

Ensure each batch is perfect with PIKA FastOrange. Enriching samples for 48 hours prior to testing allows detection of even a single spoiler cell.

FO Bouillon

Interested in learning more about microbiological quality control with Real-Time PCR?

Test Throughout the Process

Avoid the off-flavors, exploding bottles, and costly recalls of spoiled beer. Regular testing at crucial points is the only way to ensure consistent quality.

Recommended QC points:
  • Pitching yeast
  • Fermentations
  • Brite tanks
  • Filling equipment
  • Packaged beer
Brew Stpes

Detection Limits

Test MethodDetection LimitTime to Result
Direct qPCR 10 CFU/mL2 hours
Enrichment1 cell/sample48 hours

About Chai + PIKA

Chai and PIKA Weihenstephan partner to provide brewers with simple, effective tools that improve quality and reduce waste.

A spin-off of the leading brewing university TUM Weihenstephan, PIKA has pioneered the use of qPCR for the microbiological quality control of beer.