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Open qPCR Real-Time PCR Machine

The new face of Real-Time PCR

Open qPCR detects pathogens, genetic mutations, and dangerous diseases using DNA diagnostics. A fraction of the cost of traditional machines, it makes Real-Time PCR accessible to biohackers, pioneering commercial users, and global health practitioners. And as a networked touch-enabled device with a stunning user interface, it’s more fun to use than any qPCR machine you’ve ever seen before.

Huge potential in a small package

  • 16 well solid-state design
  • Results in as little as 15 minutes
  • Run from Mac, PC, tablet, or touchscreen
  • Dual-channels support multiplexing & internal controls
  • Ships worldwide
qPCR Machine Protocol Editor

complex experiments, simple software

A stunning visual design makes sophisticated experiments intuitive to create, and supports advanced functions such as touch-down PCR and controlled ramp rates. A plate layout tool supports relative quantification, and the device is accurate enough to perform genotyping with High Resolution Melt. As the software is delivered via a modern web interface, it works via Mac, PC, or any tablet or mobile device.

A Platform for Diagnostics

Diagnostic developers can leverage the Open qPCR instrument's software to make controlled, automated diagnostic calls. Doing so delivers clear results to field technicians, who can perform the diagnostic using only the embedded touchscreen interface.

Real Time PCR Thermalcycler analysis software
Real-Time PCR instrument's ethernet, wifi, and USB ports

A connected Device

  • Ethernet and WiFi support allows easy control from any computer on a lab network
  • Download and install software updates anytime
  • Supports PC or Mac, connects via USB
  • Embedded touchscreen allows existing experiments to be run without a computer
  • Control via an open API in an automation environment, and data export in the standardized Real-Time PCR Data Markup Language (RDML) promotes interoperability

Solid-state technology

Open qPCR uses a unique photodiode-based design to package fluorescent detection inside a small desktop device, and deliver results at a price that’s an order of magnitude lower than other Real-Time PCR machines. A dual-peltier design and a heated lid deliver temperature ramp rates of 5 C/s. And as the CAD designs and software are completely open source, users with specialized needs are free to make any required modifications.

Real-Time PCR machine optical system
qPCR Machine is open source hardware

Tech Specs

Samples:16 wells, 100 μL low profile tubes
Sample volume:10 - 50 μL
Sensitivity:1 copy
Dynamic Range109
Dimensions:11 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches
(28 x 24 x 19 cm)
Weight:10 lbs (5 kg)
Temp range:0 - 100 C
Max ramp rate:5.0 C/s
Min ramp rate:0.00001 C/s
Design:Dual peltiers
Temp accuracy:±0.2 C at 65 C
Temp uniformity:±0.4 C at 65 C
Lid temp:Ambient - 120 C
Excitation:454 - 487 nm
Detection:513 - 555 nm (single)
508 - 532, 573 - 597 nm (dual)
Fluorophores:Chai Green, SYBR Green,
Scan time:2.0 s
Design:Solid-state LED & photodiode
Networking:Ethernet, 802.11n WiFi, USB
Touchscreen:5.0 inch, capacitive
Software:HTML5/JavaScript web app
Device support:PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet
Integration:REST API
Open Source Licenses
Software:Apache v2
Hardware:Creative Commons Attribution
Voltage:100 - 240 V
Frequency:47 - 63 Hz
Avg power:75 W
Peak power:240 W
Peak power:
(battery mode)
120 W
Operating Environment
Temperature:4 - 50 C
Humidity:20 - 90%
Max Altitude:10,000 feet
(3,000 m)
Control Features
  • Auto-delta / touchdown PCR
  • Controlled ramp rates
  • Unlimited stages
  • Downloadable software updates
Analysis Features
  • Baseline subtraction
  • Melt curve analysis
  • Color compensation
  • High Resolution Melt
  • RDML export

Coming soon:

Reagents & Supplies

Logo green

Chai’s quality reagents & consumables deliver first-rate performance at affordable prices. Chai will soon be releasing a Real-Time PCR MasterMix containing Chai Green, a novel intercalating dye, and a line of PCR tubes & strips that are free of DNase, RNase, and pyrogens.

Open qPCR is also fully compatible with the industry-standard tubes and dyes made by other manufacturers.