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Real-Time PCR Machine

Fast, Accurate, and Portable

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qPCR Machine
Real-Time PCR Amplification Curves

Precise, Consistent qPCR Results

Ultra-tight replicates. Results so repeatable they can be compared across runs. Quantification so accurate that two-fold differences in gene expression can be detected.

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Real-Time PCR Amplification Curves
qPCR Machine Software

Powerful, User-Friendly Software

Rapidly design, run, and analyze advanced experiments.

Browser-based software is always up to date. There’s nothing to install: Open qPCR’s software runs right in your web browser on any Mac, PC, or tablet.

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Compact, Portable, Connected

Start a run at the lab, view results from your home, or anywhere you have Internet.

Or take Open qPCR into the field. Built like a tiny tank and weighing only 4 kg, it’s easy to transport, and can run anywhere you have power.

qPCR Machine Rear
qPCR Machine Side

Insanely Fast

Get rapid results for rapid decision making. Open qPCR can run 40 cycles of PCR in 20 minutes, making it the device of choice for time-sensitive applications.

Fast Real-Time PCR Machine does 40 cycles in 20 minutes

Open Platform

Avoid vendor lock-in. Open qPCR works with all PCR master mixes, probe chemistries, and dyes.

Open Source

We promote research & support the community by making our core bioinformatics algorithms open source.

Open API

Control Open qPCR via your laboratory automation system or custom software with our open API.

Tech Specs


Supported Probes:
TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, Scorpions, Hydrolysis
Supported Dyes:
Chai Green, SYBR Green
Supported Fluorophores:
Sample Volume:
10 – 50 µL
1 copy
Dynamic Range


454 – 487 nm
Detection (Single Ch):
513 – 555 nm
Detection (Dual Ch):
508 – 532, 573 – 597 nm
Scan Time:
4.4 s
Solid-State LEDs & Photodiodes


Temp Range:
4 – 100 °C
Ramp Rate:
0.00001 – 5.0 °C/s
Temp Accuracy:
±0.2 °C at 65 °C
Temp Uniformity:
±0.4 °C at 65 °C
Lid Temp:
Ambient – 120 °C


Ethernet, 802.11n WiFi, USB
Web Application
Device Support:
Mac, PC, Linux, iPad, Android Tablet


100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Operating Temp:
10 – 35 °C
Operating Humidity:
20 – 80%, non-condensing
28 x 24 x 19 cm  (11 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches)
4 kg  (9 lbs)

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