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Chai Green qPCR Master Mix

Chai Green qPCR Master Mix



  • Produce excellent melt curves & HRM results with the highly fluorescent Chai Green dye
  • Overcomes inhibition in crude extracts and environmental samples
  • Universal mix runs fast protocols, amplifies GC-rich targets, and incorporates aptamer-based hot start and dUTP carry-over prevention systems
  • License-free for commercial or diagnostic use


Chai Green qPCR Master Mix is a 2X Taq mix for dye-based Real-Time PCR, melt curve analysis, and High Resolution Melt (HRM). It quantitatively amplifies singleplex and duplex qPCR targets at high efficiency from purified samples and crude extracts.

Better Melt Curves & HRM

As Chai Green is less inhibitory to PCR than SYBR Green, it can be used at significantly higher concentrations. The resulting increased fluorescence improves the ability to differentiate small differences via melt and HRM analysis.

Amplifies Everything Without Inhibition

Chai Green qPCR Master Mix has been validated against genomic, plasmid, and cDNA targets from a wide range of organisms. The mix supports both standard and fast protocols, and amplifies GC-rich targets up to 70%.

Thanks to numerous enhancers which bind & inactivate inhibitors, the mix resists inhibition in crude extracts from:

  • Food & beverages
  • Plant & animal tissue
  • Environmental air & water samples
Simplify your PCR

Set up reactions with ease at room temperature: an aptamer-based hotstart system prevents amplification from occurring below 50 ºC, while a visible loading dye helps avoid pipetting errors. When activated by the addition of UNG, a dUTP carry-over prevention system prevents false positives from amplicon contamination.


Exceptional Linearity & Dynamic Range
Ara h2 gene fragment
E = 101.5%, R2 = 0.999
Ara h2 gene fragment
Standard Curve

Dynamic range of 1010 is demonstrated while maintaining excellent efficiency and linearity using Chai Green qPCR Master Mix to amplify a 157 bp gene fragment on an Open qPCR instrument.

Clear Peaks and Tm Multiplexing
Clear Peaks

Reactions containing mActin, mActin + Lambda, and Lambda + mGAPDH targets were amplified using Chai Green qPCR Master Mix on an Open qPCR instrument. Peaks can clearly be identified and differentiated, even when multiple targets are present.

Definitive HRM
Definitive HRM

A class 4 beta globin SNP (rs7936221) was genotyped using Chai Green qPCR Master Mix. Wild type, homozygous, and heterozygous variants were easily differentiated via HRM, despite the class 4 SNP’s Tm difference of only 0.2 ºC.

Fast & Quantitative
Lambda gDNA, 72 bp amplicon
E = 106%, R2 = 0.996
Ara h2 gene fragment
Standard Curve

A fast 19 minute protocol was run on an Open qPCR instrument, obtaining excellent linearity & efficiency. Protocol: Initial denaturing 30 s @ 95 ºC, Cycle 30x: 3 s @ 95 ºC, 14 s @ 60 ºC, 5 C ºC/s ramp times.

Fast & Effective Hot Start
Fast & Effective Hot Start

A duplex lambda phage (72 bp) and salmon sperm (77 bp, 67% GC content) assay was run with and without Chai Green qPCR Master Mix’s hot start aptamer. When run with 5 ng/μL of template DNA, both targets amplified regardless of hot start ability. When run with the more dilute 0.0005 ng/μL, the salmon sperm target failed to amplify without hot start due to non-specific products forming, while the hot start aptamer prevented these non-specific products, allowing both targets to amplify.


Hot Start MechanismAptamer
GC Content40 – 70%
Multiplex TargetsUp to 2
Reaction SpeedFast
dUTP Carryover PreventionYes
Visible Loading DyeYes
Exonuclease Activity5' → 3'
Supported TemplatesGenomic DNA, cDNA, Plasmid DNA
Recommended Reaction Volume10 – 50 µL

user must add UNG to enable

Shipping, Storage, and Stability
High Temperature Stability2 weeks @ 25 ºC
Freeze/Thaw CyclesUp to 20
Shipping ConditionsAmbient
Storage Conditions-20 ºC long-term, or 4 ºC for 6 months. Protect from light
Compatible Instruments

The mix ships with an optional ROX reference dye, allowing it to be used with high, low, and no-ROX qPCR instruments. 


  • What is a PCR Master Mix?
    A PCR master mix is a premixed solution that contains most of the components necessary to run a PCR assay. The mix contains Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, as well as enhancers and stabilizers in a buffer that is optimized for DNA amplification by PCR. Read more...
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To promote collaboration in science, Chai Green qPCR Master Mix is provided under an open license:

  • It may be used freely for any application, including commercial and diagnostic use
  • No license agreements or royalty payments required for OEM use
  • May be incorporated into your own test kits without restriction


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