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Chai Fluorescein Calibrator

Fluorescein Single Channel Calibrator



  • Calibrates the Open qPCR single channel instrument
  • Ready-to-use liquid format
  • Provides 3 calibrations


Chai’s Fluorescein calibrator contains everything necessary to calibrate the Open qPCR single channel instrument. The calibration process compensates for well-to-well variations to ensure accuracy and reliability in the amplification results.

Chai Green Fluorescence Spectrum

Normalized fluorescence excitation-emission spectrum of fluorescence in TE buffer pH 8. The Fluorescein Calibrator has an excitation peak at 491 nm and an emission peak at 513 nm.


Concentration3 μM
Buffer1X TE
Storage Conditions4 ºC
Protect from light
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
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