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*** OpenPCR is currently out of stock due to heavy demand this holiday season ***

For a limited time (until Dec 28 2018) we are offering a $500 discount on our much more advanced Open qPCR products. To take advantage of this discount, phone in your order to (650) 779-5577, or email us at, and mention the "OpenPCR out of stock discount".

OpenPCR is an open source thermocycler for PCR. It is sold as a kit you assemble yourself, and yet achieves the same accuracy as machines costing over 10x more. The low $499 price makes PCR affordable to everyone. Chai is proud to manufacture and distribute OpenPCR kits worldwide.


  • 16 0.2 mL PCR tube design
  • 1 C/s ramp rates, +/- 0.5 C thermal accuracy, +/- 0.3 C thermal uniformity
  • Heated lid prevents condensation on tubes
  • Controlled via PC/Mac software via USB port
  • 100% open source design

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