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Fast Orange Wild Yeast Tubes

FastOrange Wild Yeast Tubes (48 x 5 mL)



  • PCR-grade growth media for the detection of Diastaticus and Brettanomyces
  • Detect growth visibly or by qPCR
  • Suppresses growth of bacteria and brewer's yeasts


PIKA FastOrange Wild Yeast Broth (Bouillon) is a PCR-grade culture medium for the visible or PCR detection of wild yeasts in the brewing process & packaged products. FastOrange Wild Yeast grows wild yeasts such as Diastaticus and Brettanomyces while suppressing growth of brewers yeasts and bacteria.

Samples are added to Fast Orange Wild Yeast in a 1:1 ratio, and incubated at 25 °C. Samples can be processed by PCR after 2 days enrichment, or growth can be detected by increased turbidity or sediment formation after 3-5 days.

Convenient, ready-to-use enrichment tubes for direct sampling. Just add 5 mL sample directly to the FastOrange tube.

Detected Microorganisms



Compatible SamplesBeer, wine, yeast, juices, colonies
Growing ConditionsAerobic
Certified for PCRYes
Incubation Temperature25 °C
FormatLiquid media
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
Storage Conditions5 – 25 °C, protect from light
Shelf LifeMinimum 6 months upon shipment
ManufacturerPIKA Weihenstephan
Manufacturer Part #2039-10
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