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PIKA FastOrange Yeast Enrichment Bottles

FastOrange Yeast Enrichment Bottles (15 x 40 mL)



  • PCR-grade growth media for yeasts & molds
  • Changes color visibly upon growth
  • Suppresses bacterial growth


PIKA FastOrange Yeast Broth (Bouillon) is a PCR-grade culture medium for the visible or PCR detection of yeasts and molds in the brewing, winemaking, and juice making processes & packaged products. FastOrange Yeast grows all yeasts & molds while suppressing bacterial growth.

Samples are added to Fast Orange Yeast in a 1:1 ratio, and incubated at 25 °C. Samples can be processed by PCR after 2 days enrichment, or growth can be detected by visible color change after 3-10 days.

Convenient, ready-to-use enrichment bottles for direct sampling. Just add 40 mL sample directly to the bottle.

Detected Microorganisms



Compatible SamplesBeer, wine, yeast, juices, colonies
Growing ConditionsAerobic, anaerobic
Certified for PCRYes
Incubation Temperature25 °C
FormatLiquid media
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
Storage Conditions5 – 25 °C, protect from light
Shelf LifeMinimum 6 months upon shipment
ManufacturerPIKA Weihenstephan
Manufacturer Part #2038-11
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