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Brettanomyces and and Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus are super-attenuating yeasts which are regarded as spoilers in conventional beers, though they are sometimes deliberately used in sour beer production. These yeasts can grow in finished beer, producing a secondary fermentation which creates unwanted tastes, causes alcohol level non-compliance, and creates a pressure build-up which can lead to exploding bottles.

The PIKA 4e Superattenuator Yeasts test kit screens for and quantifies all Brettanomyces species as well as S. diastaticus. Includes all reagents needed to extract and amplify DNA using Real-Time PCR. 48 reactions/test kit.

Detected Species

B. anomala
B. bruxellensis
B. custersianus
B. naardenensis
B. nanus
S. cerevisiae var. diastaticus


Sensitivity10 CFU/mL (direct PCR)
1 cell/sample (enriched)
PCR Time75 minutes
Compatible SamplesBeer, yeast slurry, colonies, environmental
ControlsPositive, negative, internal inhibition
Automatic AnalysisSupported with Open qPCR
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
Storage Temperature2 – 8 °C
ManufacturerPIKA Weihenstephan
Manufacturer Part #2402-58

Easy Workflow

Brewing Quality Solution Workflow
  • 20 minutes hands-on time.
  • Samples may be directly tested for 2 hour results.
  • Pre-enrichment with PCR-grade FastOrange increases sensitivity & degrades dead cells.


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