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PIKA 4e Yeast & Mold PCR Test Kit

PIKA 4everyone Yeast & Mold Test Kit


48 tests/kit


  • Test beverage and environmental samples for yeasts and molds in two hours
  • Real-Time PCR test delivers quantitative, objective results
  • Automatic analysis with Open qPCR allows anyone to run tests


Yeasts and molds cause spoilage in many beverage products including juices, sodas, and sweetened alcoholic beverages.

The PIKA 4e Yeast & Mold test kit screens for and quantifies all common yeast & mold species. Includes all reagents needed to extract and amplify DNA using Real-Time PCR. 48 reactions/test kit.

Detected Species

All Common Yeasts
All Common Molds


Sensitivity10 CFU/mL (direct PCR)
1 cell/sample (enriched)
PCR Time75 minutes
Compatible SamplesBeer, yeast slurry, colonies, environmental
ControlsPositive, negative, internal inhibition
Automatic AnalysisSupported with Open qPCR
Shipping TemperatureAmbient
Storage Temperature2 – 8 °C
ManufacturerPIKA Weihenstephan
Manufacturer Part #2404-23

Easy Workflow

Brewing Quality Solution Workflow
  • 20 minutes hands-on time.
  • Samples may be directly tested for 2 hour results.
  • Pre-enrichment with PCR-grade FastOrange increases sensitivity & degrades dead cells.
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