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COVID-19 Environmental Surface Test Kit

Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit


96 tests/kit


Swabbing table surface to detect COVID-19 Coronavirus

Combat the spread of Coronavirus and protect people in high risk areas. With our simple test kits, you can detect SARS-CoV-2 virus on hard surfaces and in one hour.

  • Reassure customers your business is free of detectable Coronavirus
  • Detect workplace infections early by testing high-touch surfaces
  • Validate your cleaning decontamination measures are effective

Environmental Monitoring: The Proactive Approach to COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 is a recently discovered Coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 disease. The virus has been shown to be transmitted via droplets, aerosols, and surfaces. Surfaces become contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus when aerosols and droplets fall from the air, or when touched by infected individuals. Studies have shown that the virus can remain viable and infectious on surfaces for up to five days.

Chai’s Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit allows hard surfaces such as desks, tables, phones, computer keyboards/mice, etc. to be tested for the virus. Absence of detectable virus gives confidence that cleaning and decontamination measures are effective, and can reassure customers and employees that a facility is managed safely.

Testing common, high-touch surfaces such as door handles and hand railings is especially useful in providing an early warning of infections in offices, schools, and senior care facilities. Viral detection can not only trigger decontamination measures, but additional controls such as diagnostic testing to get ahead of an infection.

Questions about COVID-19 testing or Real-Time PCR?

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How it Works

Start testing right away with minimal prior preparation. Simply swab, prepare your samples, and load into the Open qPCR.

  • Coronavirus swab

    Swab high-touch hard surfaces such as door handles, keyboards, phones, armrests, and tables.

  • Extracting RNA from COVID-19 swab

    Place swab into RNA extraction solution, which inactivates virus and stabilizes viral RNA for transport.

  • Testing swab for SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

    Chai’s test kits and Open qPCR instrument allow anyone to perform testing using the same RT-qPCR technology used by the CDC.

  • Positive and negative coronavirus results
    Get Results

    Get clear results in under an hour. Software automatically analyzes control reactions to ensure quality.

  • View the user manual for the detailed protocol.


Real Results Screen

The Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit uses the same RT-qPCR technology used in human diagnostic testing. Accuracy is assured by an extensive control system including positive, NTC, and internal amplification controls, and a UNG carryover prevention system which eliminates false positives.

The Open qPCR’s software automated test execution and result analysis, giving clear actionable results.

Technical Specifications

Limit of Detection290 viral particles/swab
Swab Recovery Rate (hard plastic)63%
Swab MaterialSynthetic fiber, sterile
Swab Storage ConditionsAmbient
Reagent Storage Conditions-20 ºC
Validated SurfacesPlastic, stainless steel, brass, rubber, ceramic
Detection ChannelsFAM, HEX
Internal Amplification ControlSynthetic ssDNA fragment
Positive ControlSARS-CoV-2 N gene fragment
UNG Carry-over PreventionIncluded

Kit Components

Dry environmental transport swabs, sterile96 swabs
One-Step DNA/RNA Extraction Buffer20 mL
DNase/RNase-free water5 x 5 mL
DNase/RNase-free water0.5 mL
PCR Tube and Cap Strips15 x 8-well strips
Coronavirus Environmental Oligo Mix475 μL
Sahara One-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix with UNG1.1 mL
Cofactor Buffer65 μL
SARS-CoV-2 N Positive Control85 μL

Quick Start Bundle

Chai’s Coronavirus Environmental Quick Start Bundle contains everything you need to begin testing environmental surfaces for SARS-CoV-2:

Coronavirus surface testing solution

Open qPCR instrument, dual channel

Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit for 96 tests

Mini centrifuge

Vortex mixer

20 μL pipette + tips

200 μL pipette + tips

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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes. If we don't have a distributor in your country, we service and ship kits directly. Contact us at and we'll help you find the best way to purchase kits and instruments.
  • Are the test kits compatible with instruments other than Open qPCR?
    Yes, the test kits will work with any Real-Time PCR instrument comaptible with the FAM and HEX fluorophores.
  • Why is the dual channel Open qPCR required?
    The Coronavirus Envirionmental Test Kit detects the SARS-CoV-2 target in the FAM channel, and an Internal Amplification Control in the HEX channel. This internal control is important for detecting PCR inhibition and preventing false negatives. As such the dual channel Open qPCR is required to run the Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit.
  • What storage temperature is required for kits? What are the shipping conditions?
    The test kit ships on ice, and require -20 ºC storage upon arrival.
  • How safe is it to ship the collected samples?
    Following sample collection, virus is immediately inactivated by inserting the swab into lysis solution, eliminating the need to transport live virus. Proper PPE is recommended during sample collection.
  • How was the test kit validated?
    The test kit was validated for inclusivity, exclusivity, and limit of detection, as detailed in the validation report.

    Additionally Chai conducted an informal study of retail establishments around the San Francisco Bay Area during April 2020. Coronavirus contamination was found on shopping carts and bathroom stall doors of multiple brand-name grocery stores, big box stores, home improvement stores, and warehouse shopping clubs sampled.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.