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Advanced Experiments, Simple Software

Advanced Protocols

Visually create protocols with features such as one-step and two-step RT-qPCR, melt curves, touchdown PCR, controlled ramp rates, final 4 ºC holds, and more.

Streamlined Analysis

Rapidly visualize experimental data by target, sample, or well. Explore results with the interactive graph, or customize the Cq calling settings.

Flexible Layouts

Visually assign samples, targets, and standards to wells. You can even import standards from previous experiments, saving time and reagents.

Absolute Quantification

Determine absolute copy number using standard curves. Software automatically determines efficiency & linearity of your assay, and performs statistics on replicate groups.

Melt Analysis

Differentiate genotypes or amplified targets with melt curve analysis. Open qPCR’s software can call up to 4 peaks per optical channel.